Racing Wheel Stand

AP2 Racing Wheel Stand + Racing Chair DRS-1

¥41,980 ¥38,800

AP2 Racing Wheel Stand By DELE

Key Functions

  • Extremely easily adjustable according to player's size
  • Gear Shift Holder can be installed on either side of the wheel stand
  • Easy installation: foldable structure
  • AP2 Racing Wheel Stand is of the highest quality: Highly stable structure
  • 65 Positive Reviews on AMAZON

Racing Chair DRS-1

◆ Seat frame is constructed with metal and offers plenty of space when using the pedals.

◆Fully adjustable reclining up to 180-degree angle

◆Designed to mimic the seating position of a real racing car seat

◆Fully compatible with AP2 Wheel Stand

◆The seat is coated with faux leather to increase the durability and it requires low maintenance.

◆When attached with AP2 Wheel Stand, the seat can be adjusted forward or backwards with adjustment bar located under the seat.

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