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Thrustmaster TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod

¥31,980 ¥25,980

TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod racing controller was born of the collaboration between Thrustmaster and Sparco with two available modes: Progressive Handbrake and Sequential Gearbox - enhanced control for even the most exciting races

Officially licensed by Sparco, the world’s first motorsports OEM


  • Compatible with all available wheels for PC, from all brands (check below for recommended steering wheels for the best racing experience)
  • 2-in-1 device that offers two modes: progressive handbrake and sequential shifter
  • Maximum realism: the knob is the exact replica (1:1 scale, 3.4’’/8.5 cm in height) of the genuine knob equipping products in Sparco’s rally and drift range 
  • Thrustmaster’s H.E.A.R.T: delivering unrivaled precision and an unlimited life cycle
  •  90% high-quality metal components  ensuring optimum solidity
  • Handbrake lever adjustable in horizontal position (GT mode) or in vertical position (Rally mode)
  • Plug and Play : easy to assemble and install

For an optimum racing simulation experience, it is recommended with the following Thrustmaster Racing wheels: T500 RS, T300 Series, TX Series, TMX, T150, TS-PC Racer, T-GT.

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