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Thrustmaster T-GT Racing Wheel and Pedals

¥102,600 ¥89,980

Take your skills to the next level with the Thrustmaster T-GT Racing Wheel and Pedal set - a fully customized Gran Turismo combination. The Thrustmaster GT is the most outstanding racing wheel option for playing Gran Turismo Sport and other GT games. Professional racers will appreciate the new unique technologies that allow you to feel all car behaviours and anticipate all track conditions.

  • The T-GT motor provides powerful 40-watt LINEAR brushless Force Feedback and incredible velocity (dynamic torque): from long stall curves (STALL mode) to super-responsive zigzags (DYNAMIC mode).
  • T-DFB : Exclusive technology for Gran Turismo Sport
  • H.E.A.R.T Technology ensures that the racing wheel is precise during turns
  • Detachable leather-wrapped wheel: 4 rotary selectors, 2 mini-sticks, 2 metal paddle shifters
  • GT Metal Pedal heads with metal arms and metal inner structure with long range of travel. Adjustable in height and spacing.
  • T-Turbo Power guarantees optimized efficiency. Peak power: 400 watts.


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The package contains

Thrustmaster T-GT wheel

Thrustmaster T-GT servo base

Thrustmaster T3PGT pedal set pedals

T-Turbo power supply

Clamping System

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